ayinde – i stand here in this twisted and distorted world

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Sleep’s the closest I can get to where I wanna be
I front instead of being upfront with people honestly
Rain may wash away the pain I’m standing here so solemnly
The change in weather constantly exemplifies monstrosities
Cuz as I glance and finally see I’m not gone be nobody, soaking in the rain my body drops I find myself now on my knees
I just wanna cry, I’m weak
But there’s no tears to find to weap
Life is like a non-stop, non-stop, non-stop, non-stop fallacy
I just wanna say if you feel down just know you got me, please
Just hit my line, it’s fine cuz I been low before, I’m not gone speak
Just listen if you need to vent I’m here, I’ll hear yo problems, speak
I’m such a loner I no longer use a lock and key
Never leave the crib unless I’m hungry like I’m Kaneki

I stand here in this twisted and distorted world so cruel
Whenever I go out I wear a mask just like a ghoul

New phone but ion never get no text back
I hate the mirror and the image that reflects back
This loser with dread naps on his nappy head that,
Once thought he’d be somebody important, is you deadass?
A couple thousand plays on SoundCloud won’t get you bread,
Rap isn’t for you so find a real job you bum you get that?
I should kill this clown, a bullet to the head,
Led gat got my fingerprints on it to match this red gash
DNA all over like a couple having sex,
That’s ironic cuz instead of life creation I’m talmbout death,
But happy in my eyes like that Romeo-Juliet pact
Floating to the sky but I ain’t never wore no jetpack

This my only way to vent so don’t
Be alarmed my bleeding heart is hollow check the ventricles
I hope this song helps, but I know y’all ain’t gone listen close
But hey, I understand it won’t surprise me if you skip it bro
But if you still here, ask yourself why you still listening for?
You worried ’bout Ayinde? No
But maybe you can feel the words he’s spitting
Ok maybe you just rockin wit the different flow
Which is it tho?
I’m kidding yo,
Just know if you sat down to play this song then thanks you simply don’t
Know how much that means to me, it easily just hits me home
To know at least a couple people give my art existence yo
Cause when I’m gone I guess this song will still be around while I’m just rotted skin and bones

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