Gxlke – baby, i’m getting worse

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It’s 3 AM
and I called you again
and I’m lost in my head
I don’t know what to think
I just know
that I gotta get it off my chest
I just gotta tell you how I’m feeling so depressed
go ahead and take a guess
I’ve been drinking every fuckin night
My life’s a mess
and I carry too much fuckin regret
I couldn’t come to kill myself so I fill my cup instead

so I fill my cup instead
fill my lungs with smoke
it’s getting clouded in my head
rainstorms in my heart I’m bleeding black and red
you always left my texts on read
you even look the other way when we lay up in our bed
baby shut the door, I’m dead

I could feel it inside your heart
that you really didn’t wanna go
It took everything out of you to say fuck it and let me go
I told you that I’d change but every time I kept on getting worse
now you’re gone and I can’t reach you so I’m writing this fucking verse

It fucking hurts
I can’t fill the void
im only getting worse
I become a small town drunk
Fuckin up my liver, till it doesn’t fuckin work
I guess that it’s my turn to hurt

I’m guilty as charged
I scarred you for life
and I carry that in my fucking heart
baby be ruthless
make me feel your pain
Make it slow
let me drown in the rain
this storm won’t end
I’m going mentally insane
Lately I haven’t been okay
but I deserve to be hurt
baby I’m so ashamed

I’m so ashamed

Pour me up another

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