Gxlke – I Know I Didnt Mean Much Anyways

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it’s okay I know I didn’t mean much anyway
So anyways
it kills me every time
I let another one into my fuckin mind
you see how fucked up I am
I do this all the time
poppin bottles like my life depends on it
pull the trigger takin shots of poison in
every night I get a vision in my head
where I die cause I can’t handle life this way
It’s okay I know I didn’t mean much anyway
This is killing me every day

Oh god I’m stuck this way
Addicted to all the pain
whiskey inside my veins
feeling numb straight down to my brain
my heart locked by all these chains
and I’m staying right in my lane

Rain drops
falling on my head
there’s no rainbows
keep my vibes up
to fit the aesthetic that I’m painting
drive the drop top
Jeepin got all the doors off we swervin
things will flip flop
I’ll never make it to the top

I don’t think much of myself
never been the one to be special
always told me that i should be careful
but there’s no one that is on my level

What’s so good about me
You take my love so lightly
It’s so easy to replace me

i ain’t worth shit
you always remind me
I’ll never be enough
cause there will always be that someone else
hide from myself
cause I ain’t even want me

I don’t wanna be myself anymore
Overdosing left here right on the floor
I don’t care anymore

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